10 Buddhism Historical Places You Must Visit in Sri Lanka

9. Dambulla RajaMaha Viharaya

Golden-Temple-DambullaDambulla RajaMaha Viharaya also called as the Golden Rock Temple or Dambulla Cave Temple. It is located north of kandy. The cave complex at Dambulla is one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the world and Dambulla Viharaya contains an abundance of valuable material from the very earliest time.

10. Kalutara Bodhi

kalutara-bodhKalutara Bodhi is one of the religious place that revered Buddhists. There is a Dagoba that is a magnificent array of paintings describing the stories of Buddha. It is located in Kalutara, near the Kalu River. It is one of the 32 saplings of Sri Maha Bodhi. As well as it is believed to be the only Buddha stupa that is entirely hollow.

We hope that these top 10 best buddhism historical places in Sri Lanka list would be useful to find the rich culture of country and Buddhism history in Sri Lanka.


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