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Thank you for visiting our page and showing the interest to know about us. GeekTravelling is created mainly to promote Sri Lanka’s beautiful places and activities. We are group of passionate writers who love to write about Sri Lanka’s places. On a timely basis we promote other country destinations too which can be traveled by Sri Lankan’s easily.

We are the fastest growing travel and leisure website portal to promote Sri Lanka and its destination. Our growth in social networking sites and daily visits is increasing rapidly.

We write about Sri Lanka’s famous tourist spots, natural wonders, and famous tourism activities. Also, we are visitors oriented website where visitors can share their stories, share the specialty of their villages, places and famous functions in their places.

We have plenty to write since Sri Lanka and other neighbor countries have plenty of places to explore.  GeekTravelling.com will be updated with fresh and unique content regular basis. Whenever we find an unexplored or excellent place, we will publish them quickly.

You can always contact us or share your story here. You can write for us and earn money for your approved content on this site that can reach many Sri Lankans and other country people.

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