Why you should visit Kalutara in Sri Lanka? Know few attractions!

In the western province of Sri Lanka, Kalutara is the 3rd largest city. Gone are the days, when this place was considered to be the important spice trading centre. It is moreover, beautiful scenic city. The Kalutara is located 40km away from Colombo and you can reach this place via train or bus.

The river Kalu Ganga flows gently through the town due to which this place is named as Kalutara. This town with tall coconut tress carries souvenirs from the time of British, Dutch and Portuguese.

The specialty of Kalutara is the fruit that is called as Mangosteen. It is sweet fruit and is dark purple in colour. This shiny fruit was brought into the island from Malaya during the 19th century. If you want to enjoy eating this fruit in Kalutara then it is advisable to visit this place between June and September. In this town different coconut related products are sold which are very popular. These products are like baskets, ropes, coconut fibre mats etc.

Beaches, river, religious monuments, Buddhist temple, etc. are few reasons that can compel you to travel this town in Sri Lanka. Below are the few attractions that are worth visiting in Kalutara:

  1. Brief Garden

Brief GardenBrief garden is like heaven on Earth. You can say that; it is the best garden in Sri Lanka. This garden is well developed across the 5 acres of land. There was a time when here rubber estate was found but now this beautiful garden has replaced the rubber estate. The credit for design and creation of this garden goes to Bevis Bawa. In Lunuganga estate, he has also designed his garden on the shores of Bentota river.

Old trees and bushes found in the garden are incredibly good. This garden is divided into several sections and each section comprises of some or the other theme. This itself speaks out the planning involved behind creation of the garden. Bamboo sprouts are used to mark the border of the garden. In order to step into this garden, you just have to pay the nominal fees.

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