Visiting Sri Lanka? 12 Top Things to do in Sri Lanka – Do not miss them

  1. Try Surfing

    Surfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a paradise for surfers of all levels. So, if you are completely new to surfing, Sri Lanka is simply the best place to learn surfing as it has some of the safest surfing beaches in the world. There are great numbers of surfing schools in most popular beaches in Sri Lanka. So, you can opt for a couple of days of surfing lessens and enjoy the adventure of riding waves. Hikkaduwa on the south west coast of Sri Lanka is a popular surfing spot where the waves are not as gigantic and intimidating as in Australia and Hawaii. There are plenty of other water-sports including wind surfing, scuba diving, jet-skiing, tube ride, banana ride, and Waterskiing, you can try in Sri Lanka. Taking parts in these water-sports thus rank high among the best things to do in Sri Lanka.

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