Visiting Sri Lanka? 12 Top Things to do in Sri Lanka – Do not miss them

  1. Visit a Turtle Hatchery

    Turtle Hatchery Sri LankaThis is another unique experience you can have in Sri Lanka. Turtles are currently under huge threats mainly due to habitat loss, pollution, fishing and hunting. There are a good number of turtle hatcheries in Sri Lanka that are trying their best to keep turtles alive. Once of the best hatchery in Sri Lanka is The Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery located on the Galle Road.

  1. Take A Hike

If you are an avid adventurer, you are going to have plenty of plenty of opportunities for adventures. The places such as Haputale and Diyatalawa, in the hill country are very popular among hikers as it offers the adventure lovers the opportunity to experience diverse and luscious hilly landscapes. There are plenty more suitable locations around the Knuckles Range.

  1. Get To Know The Locals And Know A Bit About Authentic Sri Lankan Culture

Sri Lankans are known for their smiling faces and hospitality. The more you spend time with the locals, the more you will love them because they will do everything possible for you. Getting invited by the locals is very common for travelers visiting Sri Lanka. So, make sure you don’t miss out when you get such invitations. You can join with the locals at the time of celebrations of various religious and cultural functions. Attending a marriage ceremony can be a unique experience as well.

Actually there are countless numbers of wonderful and exciting things to do in Sri Lanka that is hard to list down. As food, accommodation and moving around is quite affordable, you can plan a trip of a month or two to have best out of your Sri Lanka trip. Otherwise, you will have to come again to enjoy some of the exciting experiences that you miss out. At least, make sure you don’t miss out any of the above mentioned wonderful things to do in Sri Lanka.

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