10 Top Things To Do In Colombo

Sri Lanka’s capital of Colombo is an exciting introduction to old and new Sri Lanka as it has a fascinating reflection of contrasts that define the country.  From the welcoming locals going about their daily businesses to the paranoia of the High Security Zone, and the extravagant five-star hotels to the colonnaded verandas of the past, Colombo boasts of a perfect combination of attributes that make it a vibrant modern capital with a glorious past. Both Portuguese and Dutch built and expanded many historic buildings and fortifications in Colombo and till today you can find their marks left in almost every part of Colombo. If you plan on visiting Colombo, make sure you don’t miss out including the following things to do in Colombo in your list:

1. Shop in the Pettah

Pettah, things to do in ColomboThere is no better place to shop in Sri Lanka than Colombo. And simply the perfect place for shopping in Colombo is Pettah which is a noisy bazaar district that remains the center of all commercial activities in the city as the shops in its grid of narrow streets are full of every imaginable type of product. Specific streets are given over to sellers of specific items, with one selling household wares, another selling leather goods and so on. Around this place, you will come across some of the most interesting and oldest buildings like the Jami-ul-Alfar Mosque. Thus, shopping in Pettah is one of the top things to do in Colombo.

2. Stroll on Galle Face Green

Galle Face Green

One of city’s main gathering spaces for locals is Galle Face Green which is in fact a seaside urban park with an area of five hectares.  After exploring the city during the day, you can come to Galle Face Green in the late afternoon to relax and see cheerful locals flying kites, playing cricket, jogging, running, meeting with friends and having conversations. Spending a couple of hours in here will let you know a lot about the culture and lifestyle of locals in Colombo, making it one of the best things to do in Colombo.

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