Top 7 Things to do in Anuradhapura!

Anuradhapura is said to be one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka. It is mainly known for preserving ancient Sri Lankan civilization. In South Asia region, this city offers some evocative sights. It offers rich collection of architectural wonders. Visiting this city can allow you to view some great temple, ancient pools, brick towers etc. The popularity of the city is growing in terms of administrative as well as ritual centre.

If you are in Anuradhapura, then you should not miss out visiting few important attractions. Here are the 7 things that you can do in Anuradhapura:

  1. Visit to Mihintale

1.Visit to Mihintale

Mihintale is the mountain peak in Anuradhapura and it is said that this is the birth place of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. This mountain peak is said to be the meeting point of Buddhist monk Mahinda and King Devanampiyatissa.

The historical event of Buddhism entering in Sri Lanka occurred on a Poson full moon night. This night comes in the month of June. In June month, during this night, Buddhist visit here to celebrate the birth of Buddhism.

68 caves can be found around Mihintale mountain. These caves were used for meditation purpose. Visiting this place can relax your stressed mood because it offers peaceful and calm climate. In order to reach to the top, you need to make use of 1840 stairways. Some of the stairways are created by using natural rock and some by using granite.

Since you are using stairways, it is advisable to climb mountain early in the morning or during late in the afternoon to avoid heat.

  1. Visit to Ruwanweli Seya Dagoba

2.Visit to Ruwanweli Seya Dagoba

White structure of Ruwanweli Seya Dagoba grabs the attention of visitors. In the history of Buddhism, this place plays an important role because it is believed that it contains relics of Lord Buddha. This Stupa is known for its amazing architectural qualities. Maha stupa is standing 300 feet tall and has circumference of around 950 feet. It is one among the tallest monuments. Different materials used to create this monument are like:

  • Precious stones
  • Bricks
  • Steel
  • Silver
  • Pearl
  • Gold, etc.

It has bubble like tall shape and this shape was inspired by the picture of bubble floating on the water. Visitors respect this place because it offers calm and peaceful ambiance. While having a look at Maha stupa and elephant carved walls, you will feel like you are travelling back in time. It is very peaceful and beautiful place that you must visit in Anuradhapura.

  1. Visit to Dagoba of Thuparama

3.Visit to Dagoba of Thuparama

While travelling in Sri Lanka, you will come across many stupas having its own history and significance. But believe it, you won’t get bored at all while visiting different stupas because each of them has something new to offer to the visitors in terms of story and ambiance. Dagoba of Thuparama also holds special place in the traveling dictionary of Sri Lanka. Thuparama is said to be the first historical Stupa that was built in Sri Lanka. In other words, you can say that it is the first Buddhist building in Anuradhapura.

The structure of white Dagoba is worth watching. During full moon night, this place attracts large number of visitors. The archaeological structure of this place is such that visitors feel highly peaceful.

  1. Visit to Lovamahapaya

4.Visit to Lovamahapaya

Lovamahapaya is the building that is covered with bronze tiles roof and is situated between Ruvanveliseya and Sri Mahabodiya. The first Buddhist king of the country, DevanampiyaThissa created this ancient building. When this building was constructed, it is said that it was the most prominent structure which was 400 feet long. 40 rows of stone pillars, earlier supported this building. Each row of stone pillar contained 40 pillars. It was considered that each level of the building almost had 1000 rooms.

Unfortunately, nothing much is remained now because the building was destroyed in fire. Now you can just imagine the beauty of this palace. Visiting this place can allow you to still view the small building which was later constructed.

  1. Visit to Isurumuniya Rock Temple

5.Visit to Isurumuniya Rock Temple

Isurumuniya Rock Temple is the Buddhist temple situated near to the Tisa tank. At the base of the temple you can view green murky water and strong grey rock can be viewed in the premises of the temple.

Isurumuniya Lovers, Elephant Pond, and Royal Family carving are the three famous archaeological carvings that can be viewed in this temple. Each sculpture has its own set of story that somewhere describes the history of Anuradhapura. The carvings of this rock temple seem so real that you can actually related with each of the carving story.

  1. Visit to Wilpaththu National Park

6.Visit to Wilpaththu National Park

Wilpaththu National Park is the must visit site in Sri Lanka. It is the largest national park of Sri Lanka and contains several Willus. Willus here means natural lakes which makes park beautiful and attractive.

You need minimum 2 days to explore the natural environment of the park. You can extend your stay as per your convenience. Book safari in order to successfully explore the entire park. Wilpattu possess thick jungles that can sometimes make it difficult for you to spot the wildlife. Safari goer can have fun time in this national park.

While visiting this park you can have a look at varieties of Flora, among which some are commonly noticed while some are very rare to find. Mammals like elephants, leopards and sloth bears can be viewed in this park. You can also view crocodiles, snakes, star tortoise etc. in this national park.

  1. Visit to Magul Uyana

7.Visit to Magul Uyana

This ancient town Anuradhapura is mainly known for showcasing many religious monuments. Magul Uyana is said to be the royal garden that is located close to the Tissawewa as well as Isurumuni Vihara.

Walking round this place can allow you to gain relaxation because it renders feeling of walking around pool area. There is one pool in the premises that is sheltered by the Bodhi tree. This pool also gets the reflection of the black rock which gives artistic angel to the pool area.

The largest pond of this area is 55 in breadth and 31 in length. This place also signifies love story of the Prince Saliya and Asokamala. In the archaeological museum you can find the sculpture of these 2 love birds. It purely describes the love of prince and his maiden.

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