10 Wonderful Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka

09. Food

Sri Lanka Food photoSri Lankan dishes might not be as popular as Italian, Chinese or Mexican dishes still there are plenty of reasons to love Sri Lankan food. The cultivation of so many types of fruits, vegetables, spices and rice, together with many past foreign influences, ensures the country enjoys a select and varied cuisine. Sri Lanka is known been known for its delectable Ceylon Tea. So, make sure you check out some popular local cuisines and variety of teas while you visit Sri Lanka.

10. Calm and Travel-Friendly Weather

Sri Lanka is a country with calm and travel-friendly weather. Except the monsoon season, you can expect blue sky and sunshine in Sri Lanka. December to mid-April is regarded as the best period to visit Sri Lanka.

So, there are so many wonderful reasons to visit Sri Lanka. Plan your Sri Lanka trip today and experience everything this great country has on offer for you.


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