10 Wonderful Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka

03. Stunning And Unspoilt Landscapes

Sri Lanka Landscape photo

You are going to love the nature and varied landscapes of Sri Lanka. Deep jungles, sandy long beaches, coconut trees, so many mountains and islands offer the travelers the opportunity to see the nature in its best form.

04. Unique Culture

Sri Lanka festival photo

Sri Lanka is a country with unique culture that celebrates endless number of festivals relating to various religious groups including Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian all throughout the year. Beholding the natives to celebrate their festivals will enable you to know a lot about their cultures and traditions. Vesak Poya that marks the birth of Buddha is among the most important festivals of Buddhists as they create bamboo frameworks (illuminated pandals), and hung with the images portraying different events in Gautam Buddha’s life. The Kandy Esala Perahera, held for over 10 days in Kandy in late July and early august, is the most tourist-oriented festival in Sri Lanka. Participating in the nighttime procession comprising of a magical passing-by of dancers, acrobats, drummers, whip-crackers and robed elephants can be a once in a lifetime experience for any traveler visiting Sri Lanka.  The Hindu festivals in Sri Lanka include Vel and Kataragama.

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