4 Stunning Railway Tracks In Sri Lanka You Must Experience

Sri Lankan railway tracks allow you to travel across major cities and experience authentic Sri Lankan culture, enjoy amazing views with ample time to soak up the atmosphere. Train journey on these railway tracks is one of the best ways to explore the natural beauties of this island country in the Indian Ocean. Following are 4 of the most beautiful and striking railway tracks in Sri Lanka:

01. Colombo to Badulla

railway track Colombo to Badulla is one of the most beautiful railway tracks in Sri Lanka

Colombo to Badulla railway track is known to be one of the most dramatic rail routes as it offers the travellers with unforgettable travel experiences. The journey on this track will be an awe-inspiring experience as the train goes through beautiful and amazing hills. The lush green tea plantations, tunnels, paddy fields, emerald forests, amazing mountains, waterfalls are the main highlights of this charming train track. The trip takes about 10 hours to reach Badulla from Colombo.

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  1. nicely written and some amazing pictures. might i add that the Colombo to kandy journey too is one memorable train ride specially the kadugannawa pass.


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