10 Top Places For Caving and Caves in Sri Lanka – Do Not Miss Them

05. Belilena cave – Kitugala

Belilena cave Belilena cave is a bathetic large cave. In order to reach the cave, visitors have to walk through the jungle. 12 thousand year old skeletal remains are found in this cave. Thus, it is one of the best places for caving and caves in Sri Lanka.

06. Batatotalena cave – Sudagala

Batatotalena cave This cave is about 50ft in height, 60ft in width and 80ft in length. There is an awesome underground cave, partly submerged in a stream. To reach that part, you have to swim about 20 meters. Buddhist literature suggests that this cave is the Sacred ‘Diva Guhawa’ where Lord Buddha rested on his return from Sri Pada.

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