10 Top Places For Caving and Caves in Sri Lanka – Do Not Miss Them

Sri Lanka is a country with great diversity of attractions that include stunning islands, beautiful beaches, rich wildlife, historic temples and mysterious caves. Many people visiting the country focus more on wildlife, temples and beaches of Sri Lanka and miss out to experience the mysteries its caves have in store for them. There are impressive ranges of caves located throughout the central and southern region of the country. So the fascinating activity of caving is an unusual experience not to be missed in Sri Lanka.

Here are 10 top places for caving and caves in Sri Lanka:

01. Ravana Ella Cave

Ravana Ella CaveRavana Ella cave is situated near the Ravana falls which is located about 2km from the picturesque town of Ella. The cave is about 50ft wide, 150ft long and 60ft high. Inside the cave, you will find several caves which run 30 to 40ft deep into its walls.

02. Sthripura Cave

Sthripura Cave
Sthripura Cave Temple

Sthripura cave is situated at Kiriwanagama, about 16km from Welimada. This cave consists of a series of three caves. Sthripura cave is high enough to stand and walk in most areas. Folk says the cave runs to Mathurata and seetaEliya.

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