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Best Elephant Ride Spots In Sri Lanka – Ride them Like a King

Elephant riding is the most adventurous and favorite task, just imagine yourself like a king riding an elephant on a chair swaying back and forth with the movement of this greatest animal. Elephants are the great travel supporter since ancient time. While elephant ride you can observe wildlife as well as people’s life. With this greatest animal you’ll have thrilling experience in your lifetime.

1) Habarana

at habaranaHabarana is located in 210 km north east from Colombo. The ride would take you over the main road, the jungle, swamp and river. If you visit there during March to July, It is the best period. You can also watch Sigiriya which has become one of the wonder of the world. You are able to see some beautiful paintings on part of its walls and also can find very interesting ruin at the top.

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2) Minneriya National Park

elephint ride1Minneriya national park is the world’s best place for elephants watching. It is located 182 km away from Colombo. You can get many opportunities to enjoy from riding elephants because they have organized many facilities well.

10 Amazing Places for Camping and Nightlife in Sri Lanka – How Many of You Visited?

Sri Lanka, a land with mountains & plains, lagoons & beaches and pristine forests & scrub land, is one of the best places in the world for hikers and campers. There are lots of places for camping and nightlife in Sri Lanka.

1. Kitulgala Rain Forest Adventure Camping

kitugalaImage Source
This campsite is located inside the Jungle in a scenic location. This camp enables you to explore and experience the nature at its best. During your stay you will be taking part in Nature Trails, White Water Rafting, Cave Exploration, Cycling, Waterfall Trekking and adventure/confidence jumps.

2. Horton Plains Trekking Camp – Horton Plains

horton place camping siteHorton plains national park is undoubtedly one of the world’s best nature reserves. It is characterized by a beautiful landscape of rolling hills, covered in upper Montane forest and wet Patana grassland. Horton Plains is a PARTICIPATORY CAMPING, location so that guests are involved in the whole process of setting up the camp.

5 Places for Turtle Watching in Sri Lanka, See, Touch and Take Snaps with Turtles

Turtle watching is a fun and unique activity you can do while visiting Sri Lanka. There are several suitable places available in Sri Lanka for turtle watching. It mainly depends on the season you visit these places. People have mixed feelings and comments about turtle watching in Sri Lanka, but commonly all are good and wonderful.

Here are the Places for Turtle Watching in Sri Lanka

1) Rekawa Sri Lanka

The first place you can visit for turtle watching. They have dedicated ‘turtle watch’ project and experiment center. It is 220km far from Airport and can take around 6 hours to reach the place. Visit during the good season only.

Turtle Watching in Sri Lanka

2) Hikkaduwa

The famous beach for surfing and diving is suitable for turtle watching too. Hikkaduwa beach is listed as one of the best destination to visit in Sri Lanka. Usually you can watch turtles from offshore when it (she) comes to lay eggs.
SL hikkaduwa