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10 Famous Christian Churches in Sri Lanka- Don’t Miss the 5th One

St. Sebastian’s Church

Sri Lanka is a country known for endless number of beautiful and historic temples, churches and pagodas. If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, you should consider visiting some of the most famous Christian churches in Sri Lanka. The architectural beauty of Churches in Sri Lanka is the reason they are visited by tourist from around the world.

Here are 10 most famous Christian churches in Sri Lanka:

01. St. Sebastian’s Church

St. Sebastian’s Church

Located at Sea Street, Negombo, St. Sebastian’s church is one of the most beautiful churches in Sri Lanka. This Gothic church was designed by Fr.G. Gannon, keeping a resemblance with the Reims cathedral in France. Enquiring the St. Sebastian Church is one of the many activities one must not miss while visiting Negombo.

02. St. Mary’s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of the best churches in Sri Lanka

Located in Batticaloa, St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of the most eye-catching churches in Sri Lanka. It was built in 1808 by paschal Mudaliyar. If you visit Batticaloa, besides visiting this beautiful church, you also can do a lot of adventure activities in Batticaloa lagoon.

03. Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross church is situated on Small Mountain that directly faces the Kalu River lagoon. It is a popular venue for almost every catholic wedding in Kalutara area.

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04. St. Lucia’s Cathedral

St. Lucia’s Cathedral

Situated in Colombo, St. Lucia’s Cathedral has a very proud, rich history and architectural value. Established since 1760, this cathedral is the spiritual centre of the Colombo Roman Catholics. It is one of the most beautiful churches in Sri Lanka.

05. St. Mary’s Cathedral, Jaffna

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Jaffna

Located in Jaffna, St. Mary’s cathedral is one of the biggest and most spacious cathedrals in Sri Lanka. It can accommodate huge number of people at a time. Its architectural beauty is appreciated by almost every tourist visiting Jaffna.

10 Top and Must See Waterfalls in Sri Lanka – Only For Nature Lovers!

St. Claire Waterfall

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country in the Indian Ocean with amazing islands, stunning beaches, spectacular waterfalls and rich wildlife. If you are a nature lover, you have plenty to see in Sri Lanka. Waterfalls in Sri Lanka create some of the best landscapes in the country. There are over 100 waterfalls in Sri Lanka; most of which are situated in the hilly areas. Here are some of the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka you must see in your trip to this wonderful island nation:

10 Waterfalls in Sri Lanka You Must See

01. Bambarakanda Waterfall

Bambarakanda Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Sri LankaBambarakanda waterfall is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a height of 263 meters. It is located in Kalupahana in the Badulla district. You can enjoy an ice cold bath in the base pool of the falls.

02. Diyaluma Waterfall

Diyaluma WaterfallAt 220 meters, Diyaluma waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is situated 13 miles from Wellawaya and 6 miles from Koslanda in Badulla district.

03. Bopath Ella Waterfall

Bopath Ella WaterfallBopath Ella waterfall is one of the most popular places that draw lots of tourists from around the world because of its stunning natural beauty. It is situated in a village known to many as Agalwatte, close to Rathnapura. This majestic waterfall is shaped like a Bo leave.

04. Ravana Waterfall

Ravana Waterfall

Ravana waterfall is divided into several parts and drop down into rocks so it produces a spectacular landscape. The name of the falls is derived from the epic of Ramayana. It is said that after abducting princess Sita, king Ravana had hidden her behind this fall.

05. Dunhinda Waterfall

Dunhinda WaterfallDunhinda waterfall is a popular sightseeing attraction in Sri Lanka. It is situated about 5 km from Badulla. It is created by jump water with high gap of Badulu River. Its misty like spray of water creates wonderful views that are pleasing to eyes.

10 Best Places for Backpacking And Hiking in Sri Lanka

hanthana-mountain-range, Kandy

Sri Lanka provides the opportunity for amazing hikes/backpacks especially in the central Highlands. Hiking/Backpacking through the waterfalls, tea states, paddy fields, spice gardens, streams, hills, forests, and mountains in Sri Lanka can be a great experience. Here we present some of the best places for backpacking and hiking in Sri Lanka:

1) Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak- best places for hiking in Sri LankaAdam’s Peak, also called as Sri Pada, is a 2243m high mountain situated in the central highland region of Sri Lanka. It is a popular tourist spot for Sri Lankans and tourists alike. Many people are interested in hiking this mountain because it is adventurous and challenging. Thus, it is one of the best places for hiking in Sri Lanka. Sri Pada is an important pilgrimage site as well.

2) Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range is another perfect place for hiking in Sri Lanka. Hiking through the jungle absorbing the beauty of the jungle flowers, animals and birds is worth for all nature loving and adventurous tourists of the world.

Interested in Animals? 10 Places You Should Visit to See Animals in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s best wildlife destinations so many people visit to Sri Lanka for seeing a wide variety of animals. If you are interested in animals,then Sri Lanka is one of the best place to see them in wild or Zoo. There are plenty of national parks and orphanages for animals in Sri Lanka which will give chance to witness very rare animal.s As well as these spots, arrange many facilities to enjoy their journey. We earlier mentioned few places where you will get a Elephant rides in Sri Lanka.

10 Places to Visit by Animal Lovers in Sri Lanka

1) National Zoological Garden

images of elephants

It is one of the oldest zoological garden in Asia built in 1936. National Zoo is located in Dehiwala, Colombo district with many facilities for visitors. Currently, it is home of over 3000 animals and 350 species. Specially, at the evening you can watch the elephant show and sea lion show as well as you can enjoy pony and elephant rides in weekends.

2) Yala National Park

yala national park

The Yala national park is one of the premier eco-tourism destination in Sri Lanka, Located in the southeast region of the country. It is a home to a variety of animals and birds. The park covers 979 square kilometres. If you visit there, it is possible to see many birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibian, fish and invertebrate.

3) Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park

The Wilpattu national park is the largest national park in Sri Lanka. It is located 26 km north of Puttalam and covers a prepossessing variety of forests and varied wildlife, including deer, elephants, wild boar, sloth bears and leopards.

4) Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park

The Kumana national park is situated in the Ampara district of south east of Sri Lanka. It is a well-known eco-tourism attraction and for bird watchers. In Kumana national park very rare species of birds and different varieties of animals are found.

5) Sinharaja Rain Forest

Sinharaja Rain Forest

Sinharaja rain forest is the best known rainforest in Sri Lanka and it has been declared as world heritage site, because of its unique and high biodiversity. There are many animals, especially birds, but the rainforest is also home to many kinds of mammals, butterflies, insects and reptiles. So you should watch this place.

Famous Festivals in Sri Lanka You Must See if You Get the Chance

There are many nations and religions in Sri Lanka and they are spending peaceful phase as a country. So many festivals are celebrated in Sri Lanka. Many visitors are fond of watching them and enjoying.

1) Sinhala & Tamil New Year New year in Sri Lanka

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is celebrated on April 13th-14th. It is an important festival for Sri Lankan people because it isn’t celebrated in any other country as a national festival and a time to for enjoyment and a time to show love and affection to elders. This special time when families get-together. In this festival, the time is spent playing games, visiting friends and relatives, enjoying the many sweetmeats which are made for the occasion, and generally having a great time. So if you get a chance to visit Sri Lanka on April month, you will get a lot of fun activities such as playing New Year games, eating New Year sweetmeats…..etc.

2) Vesak vesak

Vesak is a religious and cultural festival in Sri Lanka. It is celebrated on the month of May. This festival is a very beautiful festival because all the area of Sri Lanka is decorated with Vesak lanterns, flags, and Vesak decorations. In these days people organize “Dansal” that gives free meals like fried rice, cool drinks, ice cream, noodles, bread…etc. As well as you can see many Vesak activities in this festival.

3) Kandy Esala Perahara esala festival

The Kandy Esala perahara, is one of the grandest and famous of all Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka. It is held in the full moon month of Esala (July or August). This festival consists of many traditional items such as whip crackers, flag bearers, so many groups of dancers, drummers, tuckers,…etc. As well as there are hundreds of elephants that can be seen in the perahera. So I think, you must watch it because it is so beautiful.

4) Deepavali Diwali-Festival in Sri Lanka

Deepavali is one of the biggest festivals for Sri Lankan Tamils. Deepavali also known as Diwali. It means ‘festival of lights’. Deepavali or Diwali is celebrated on October or November and is a very popular and eagerly waited festival. This festival associated with a legend. It is said that this festival is celebrated to mark lord Rama’s victory over Demon king, Ravana. It is decorated with many lanterns, lamp…etc. and lot of traditional activities so it is very beautiful festival.

5) Maha Shivaratri Daysiva rathri in Sri Lanka

Shivaratri is celebrated on February or March in every year. It is the grand night dedicated to worship lord Shiva. As well as in this day Shiva was married to the goddess Parvati. There are lot of dancing items and music items in this day therefore it can be enjoyed well.

6) Christmasxmas in Sri Lanka

This is another festival Sri Lankans celebrate. All Christians in Sinhalese,Tamils and Burghers celebrate this day very well in Sri Lanka. You will be seeing midnight masses in most of the Sri Lankan churches, decorated houses and fireworks on 24th midnight. On 25th, you will be seeing variety of celebrations and people visiting houses, and parties on this day.

7) Eid-Ul-Fitr (Ramadhan Festival)

eid_al-fitr celebration

A big festival for Muslims in Sri Lanka (in fact, all Muslims around the world). 30 days fasting during the holy month of Ramadan ends with Eid-Ul-Fitr festival. People celebrate this function by wearing new clothes, visiting others and exchange blessings and wishes. The celebration continues by preparing great meals and celebrate with relatives and friends.

These are the famous festivals in Sri Lanka that you must see and participate if you get the chance. Do let us know if we miss any other major festivals in Sri Lanka that should be mentioned here.

5 Great Places for Whales and Dolphins Watching in Sri Lanka, 3rd Place is Wonderful!

Sri Lanka is a great spot for watching whales and dolphins because Sri Lanka is situated in the international whale watching commissions protected zone in the Indian Ocean. Whales and dolphins watching in Sri Lanka have always been a very interesting activity. Below these places (mostly south and east/north) in Sri Lanka are famous to watch whales and dolphins. Several tourist agencies, companies and even Sri Lankan Navy have their services for this fun activity.

1) Mirissa


This is the ideal place for whales and dolphins watching because normally you can watch five types of whales, they are blue whales, bryde’s whales, sperm whales, killars whales and pilot whales and also you can watch four kinds of dolphins, they are spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, risso’s dolphins in Mirissa. Many whales and dolphins like to live this area.

2) Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya dolphin watching

Kalpitiya is one of the Sri Lanka’s best whales and dolphins watching place. It gives you the opportunity to watch whales and dolphins just a short distance from the island’s shore you can find here most common whales that are sperm whales, whilst the blue whale, minke, melon-headed and dwarf sperm whales can also be spotted surfacing from time to time. In addition to that you will see pods of 1000 dolphins.

3) Trincomalee (Excellent Spot!)


Trincomalee is a famous place in the world to witness the huge mammals of the sea. It is a top place to watch blue whales, sperm whales and dolphins. The best period is from March to June. As well as there are nice beach hotels in Trincomalee so you can enjoy very much.

4) Jaffna


It is a nice place if you are interested in watching whales and dolphins. In addition to that sometimes you can watch turtles and various fish species, for example Bluefin tuna and flying fish. Most visitors are fond of going there.

5) Mannar

manner whale watching

Watching whales and dolphins in their natural habitat are something only a few of us can dream of and Mannar offers you this chance. Variety of whales and dolphins can be seen in Mannar. If you visit there, you can get unforgettable experience.

Beruwala! Come and Do These Wonderful Activities in Beruwala

Beruwala locationBeruwala is situated in the South Western coastal belt of Sri Lanka. The town is a popular tourism attraction, especially famous among the foreign tourists. Therefore, there are many big hotels, spa and other tourists based business. If you can go there, you will get many opportunities and experiences by watching and doing many activities.

Find out more exciting places in Sri Lanka here. You can send more about your place, town and city to GeekTravelling, we will be happy to publish here and reach more people in Sri Lanka and around the world.

5 Exciting Activities and Places in Beruwela

Brief Garden

Brief garden which was used to be the home of landscape architect Bevis Bawa, brother of renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa is situated in Kalavila village, Beruwala. Today this place attracts many foreign and local visitors by its wonderful views and artworks. It is also known as a ‘slice of heaven’ by most nature/garden lovers.

Boat Safari

Bentota lagoon is popular among both locals and foreign tourists for boat trip safaris in Sri Lanka. It a is very enjoyable activity. If you are looking for adventure and a nature lover, a journey to Sri Lanka would not be completed without a boat safari. Bentota River surrounds different perspective of wildlife and the wild natural things so it is awesome.

Beruwala Beach

Beruwala Beach is situated about 60km away from Colombo, south west cost of Sri Lanka. You can do plenty of water sports activities such as water skiing, windsurfing,…etc. in Beruwala beach. The best time for visiting Beruwala is during October – April. A lot of foreign tourists visit Beruwala beach because we can get many facilities to enjoy.

Barberyn Island Lighthouse

Barberyn Island Lighthouse also known as Beruwala Lighthouse. It is situated at least 0.8 kilometres off of the town of Beruwala. Barberyn is one of the four international lighthouses in Sri Lanka. It is now a tourist attraction place and it supports to draw in a massive number of people.

Kande Viharaya

Kande Viharaya in Aluthgama, Kalutara district is a very popular place. It has the tallest sitting Buddha statue in the world. As well as there are nine devalas dedicated to the god Vishnu, Kataragama, Saman, Paththini, Ishwara, Sooniyam, Gana, Kaali and Senasuru Deviyo.

Beruwala is an attractive destination among many tourists so people who live here arrange many facilities tourists to enjoy their holidays by taking many experiences and doing many tasks.

Let’s Visit These 10 Famous and Historical Temples in Sri Lanka

History of Sri Lanka is a source of great pride to both Sinhalese and Tamils therefore many amazing historical temples are found in Sri Lanka. All over the world, they are famous and many visitors are interested in watching these marvelous structures, paintings, statues…etc. with own eyes. Here are the top 10 famous and historical temples in Sri Lanka that should be visited if you get a chance.

1) Muthiyangana Temple

Muthiyangana Temple
Muthiyangana temple is located in Badulla, lower central hills of Sri Lanka. Lord Buddha’s ‘Hair’ and ‘Mukthak Dathu’ is enshrined by this stupa for thousands of years. As well as it is believed that the Lord Buddha had visited the Muthiyangana temple during his 3rd arrival to Sri Lanka so many devotees go to worship there.

2) Munneswaram Temple

Munneswaram Temple
Munneswaram temple is an important place for Hindu devotees, located in Munneswaram. The temple comprises with five temples. The central temple dedicated to god Shiva is the biggest and prestigious and other temples are dedicated to god Ganesha, Kali and Ayyanake. Navarathri, Sivarathri and other main festivals are celebrated at the temple.

10 Buddhism Historical Places You Must Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka comprises with rich Buddhist culture and history, therefore many great Buddhism historical places can be watched in there. we have earlier mentioned few nice places for camping/night life and elephant watching place. As we promote Sri Lanka and its destination, this post would be useful to find the must watch 10 Buddhism historical places in Sri Lanka.

1. Sri Maha Bodhi

bodhi-tree-anuradhapura - buddhism historical places in Sri LankaSri Maha Bodhi is the heart of Sri Lankan Buddhism. Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura is reckoned as the oldest surviving tree in the world. It was brought to Sri Lanka by Theri Sangamitta and was planted in the Mahameghavana Park in Anuradhapura in 249 BC by king Devanampiyatissa. It is the southern branch of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi at Buddha Gaya in India under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment.

2. Dalada Maligawa

Dalada MaligawaThe Sri Dalada Maligawa (the temple of the sacred tooth relic) is a main Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. It is located in Kandy. The temple dedicated relics of what is believed to be the actual teeth of the Buddha. Therefore, many people love to worship the Sri Dalada Maligawa.

5 Amazing Golfing Places in Sri Lanka for Golfers


Sri Lanka has a number of golf places that both bucolic and challenging. So golfers are fond of playing in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka has a great history with golf. Many visitors like Sri Lankan golf spots because Sri Lanka has beautiful natural environment.Let’s have a look at 5 best Golfing places in Sri Lanka.

1. Royal Colombo Golf Club

Royal Colombo Golf Club
Royal Colombo Golf Club

It is located in the capital city of Sri Lanka. This is the oldest golf club in Sri Lanka and established in 1880. There are 18 holes, 5660 yards Black Tees, 5186 yards Ladies’ Tee. As well as there are separate practice sections. This is the second oldest golf club outside Britain, so they supply a great service.

2. Victoria Golf and Country Resort

Victoria+Golf place in Sri Lanka

It is located in near kandy which is encircled by water and flanked by mountains. There are 18 holes and stretching across a spacious area of 517 acres. Many golfers like this place because it has an amazing background and can do various other recreational activities.

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