Why your next trip should be to Galle? 8 Reasons to visit Galle in Sri Lanka!

  1. Enjoy shopping

Enjoy shopping in Galle

Galle fort is the place to visit in Sri Lanka, if you love shopping. In this fort, you can get several items related to crafts and jewellery. Designs of jewellery are unique and you will definitely fall in love with it. In Galle whether the shopping activity is planned or unplanned, you will end up shopping with some or the other thing.

Several shopping destinations in Galle fort are like Souk 58, Mimimango, The KK collection, Barefoot, Sithuvili, The Dutch Gallery, Mansion Crafts, Orchid House, Casual Edge, Olanda, Jo Jo, Pedlar’s Inn Jewellers, Laksana, Ibrahim Jewellers, Lanka Gems & Jewellery etc.

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