Why your next trip should be to Galle? 8 Reasons to visit Galle in Sri Lanka!

  1. Visit the cafes

Cafes in Galle

In the Galle fort you can visit streets that are filled with little cafes. Amazing food and drinks are served in these cafes. These cafes are the best place in the fort to relax and enjoy your food. Have good food, chat with your friends and read books while being in cafes in the fort.

Some of the restaurants and cafes that you can visit in Galle are like Amangalla, Galle Fort Hotel, Heritage Cafe, Mamas roof cafe, Pedlar’s Inn Cafe, The Fort Printers, Serendipity Arts Cafe, Royal Dutch Cafe, Fort Dew Roof Top Cafe, Mansion Café etc.

Click on this link to know further details about the cafes – http://gallefortguide.com/place/restaurants/


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