Why your next trip should be to Galle? 8 Reasons to visit Galle in Sri Lanka!

  1. Know about the Galle fort

Know about the Galle fort

The magnificent Galle fort is the highlight of the town. As said before, this huge fort was created by the Dutch in the year 1669. When British took over the country, they preserved the fort without bringing any changes. People love Galle because of this fort. Understand one thing, that if you are in the Galle town and you return without visiting this fort then your visit is totally incomplete. Walking through the narrow cobbled-stone streets can allow you to enjoy the thorough view of the fort. Divers jumping from the fort between the two rocks can amaze you.

In this fort you can visit different cafes, restaurants, museums and shops. This fort is pedestrian friendly and still it remains the uncrowded place.

In Galle fort, bike ride is must because it can allow you to easily reach to the different destinations in short time span.


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