Why your next trip should be to Galle? 8 Reasons to visit Galle in Sri Lanka!

Galle is the perfect city with the mixture of history, culture and fun activities. If you haven’t been to this city, then definitely your next visit should be to the Galle. History of this colonial town is quite interesting. During the day time you can have great fun in Galle but this city has also lot to offer during the night time. If you want to enjoy nightlife in Sri Lanka, then this colonial town is worth visiting.

You can travel to Galle by bus or by train. Travelling to Galle can allow you to enjoy beautiful journey along the coastline. After reaching Galle you can drive to other destinations via bike or tuk-tuk or other modes of transport. Cricket lovers should not miss out the tour to Galle cricket stadium.

Here are the 8 reasons to visit Galle in Sri Lanka:

  1. Know about the history of the town

Know about the history of the town

History of the town is very interesting and you knowing details about it can add more to your travel experience. Galle was the key trading port for thousands of years between east and west. It was protected harbour to trade. The present fort of the town was previously occupied by the Arab traders. The fort that is seen today in Galle was created by the Dutch in the year 1669. Before that Portuguese had captured the area and created small fort in the year 1597.

Talking about the earlier time, Indians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Persians and Chinese people were doing business via Galle port. This incident is of the time 1400 BC.

Visiting this town can allow you to know the interesting facts about the Galle stored in the history.

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