Let’s Visit These 10 Famous and Historical Temples in Sri Lanka

9) Nakuleswaram Kovil

Nakuleswaram Kovil
Nakuleswaram Kovil the oldest Shiva temple in Sri Lanka, located north of the main town of Jaffna and is close to the port city Kankesanturai. This is very beautiful place because you can watch much kind of historical paintings, structures and paintings.

10) Thuparamaya

Thuparamaya is the oldest stupa in Sri Lanka. It is situated in Anuradhapura and was built by king Dewanampiyatissa, enshrining the sacred collar bone of the Lord Buddha. Tourists never forget to visit this stupa as it is another pride of Sri Lankan tourism. As well as you can watch medicinal stone medicinal baths, theses was used to treat in that era.

Sri Lanka has a proud long history therefore we are able to find many wonderful ancient creations and these types of historical temples in Sri Lanka . Actually, some of them can’t be understand how it was made.

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