Interested in Animals? 10 Places You Should Visit to See Animals in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s best wildlife destinations so many people visit to Sri Lanka for seeing a wide variety of animals. If you are interested in animals,then Sri Lanka is one of the best place to see them in wild or Zoo. There are plenty of national parks and orphanages for animals in Sri Lanka which will give chance to witness very rare animal.s As well as these spots, arrange many facilities to enjoy their journey. We earlier mentioned few places where you will get a Elephant rides in Sri Lanka.

10 Places to Visit by Animal Lovers in Sri Lanka

1) National Zoological Garden

images of elephants

It is one of the oldest zoological garden in Asia built in 1936. National Zoo is located in Dehiwala, Colombo district with many facilities for visitors. Currently, it is home of over 3000 animals and 350 species. Specially, at the evening you can watch the elephant show and sea lion show as well as you can enjoy pony and elephant rides in weekends.

2) Yala National Park

yala national park

The Yala national park is one of the premier eco-tourism destination in Sri Lanka, Located in the southeast region of the country. It is a home to a variety of animals and birds. The park covers 979 square kilometres. If you visit there, it is possible to see many birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibian, fish and invertebrate.

3) Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park

The Wilpattu national park is the largest national park in Sri Lanka. It is located 26 km north of Puttalam and covers a prepossessing variety of forests and varied wildlife, including deer, elephants, wild boar, sloth bears and leopards.

4) Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park

The Kumana national park is situated in the Ampara district of south east of Sri Lanka. It is a well-known eco-tourism attraction and for bird watchers. In Kumana national park very rare species of birds and different varieties of animals are found.

5) Sinharaja Rain Forest

Sinharaja Rain Forest

Sinharaja rain forest is the best known rainforest in Sri Lanka and it has been declared as world heritage site, because of its unique and high biodiversity. There are many animals, especially birds, but the rainforest is also home to many kinds of mammals, butterflies, insects and reptiles. So you should watch this place.

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