Hambantota City Guide! Must Visit Sites in Sri Lanka!

  1. Mulkirigala Rock Monastery

Mulkirigala Rock Monastery

Mulkirigala Rock Monastery is also called as Mulgirigala. 533 steps need to be climbed to reach this rock temple. Once you reach the temple, you will be amazed with the beautiful view that it offers from the top.

Here you can find the series of 7 different caves. These are placed in 5 different levels. Visiting these caves can allow you to enjoy scenic and beautiful view. Meditation positions of Lord Buddha statues are worth watching. Wall arts does not include typical Kanyadan painting but instead you can find more colourful paintings.

We hope this guide would be useful to find out top things to do in Hambantota. As Hambantota City Guide, we have listed some of the famous activities you can do while visiting Sri Lanka.

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