Hambantota City Guide! Must Visit Sites in Sri Lanka!

  1. Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park, shares border with Yala national park. This national park is indulged around the 35, 664 hectares of land. This national park is decked with several tanks and around 20 pools. You can also find different types of birds in this park. During the months of May and June, here in Kumana Villu you can find different birds and their nests. Bird sanctuary in the park is considered to be the important breeding grounds for the birds. Amazing birding safari can be organized for you in this park. For bird enthusiasts, this is the must visit national park.

In Kumana national park, you can also view some of the cave inscriptions. The Buddhists and Hindu devotees can also visit Kataragama temple while visiting this park.

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