Finest 5 Travel Places of Jaffna! Don’t Miss Out Visiting This Place!

  1. Neduntheevu


Neduntheevu is the largest island out of 7 islands located in the Jaffna. It is popular tourist attraction and you can reach to this island by ferry. The attractions of this island are shallow waters, coral beds and sandy beaches.

Dutch colonials called this island as the Deft island. If you are in this island, then don’t miss out taking a sip of local drink. The name of the local drink is toddy. This drink is created out of the Palmyra trees.

Portuguese had made long standing stone pigeon house which is worth watching. During that time, pigeons were used as the mode of communication. The giant baobab tree can be found in the African countries and saplings of this where brought in Delft and Mannar. Around 10 to 15 people can hide under the trunk of this tree.

Opting for boat services can allow you to visit the spot which is called as the meeting place of seven seas. Here you can also view some of the whales swimming around.

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