Finest 5 Travel Places of Jaffna! Don’t Miss Out Visiting This Place!

  1. Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil

Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil

Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil is an ancient and historic Hindu temple located in Jaffna. Once you enter the temple, you will love the arrangements made with the use of several colours. Inside view of the temple is truly a treat to your eyes.

Do you know the interesting part of this temple? Inside of the temple is said to be the mirror reflection of things that are seen outside. Visitors love the lavishly painted patterns that are seen inside the temple.

The Naga deity named Naga Pooshani Ambal, is the main attraction of the temple. This ancient work related to art signifies that five headed cobra is protecting her. It is active religious site and visitors can watch lot of things while being in the temple. There are also some of the historic places located around the temple that you can visit while planning your visit to this temple.

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