10 Famous Christian Churches in Sri Lanka- Don’t Miss the 5th One

06. St. Mary’s Church, Mannar

St. Mary’s Church, Mannar

St. Mary’s Church in Mannar is another beautiful church that was built by a European father and faithful Tamils and Sinhalese Mudaliars. It is believed to be more than 150 years old. Every February, an annual feast is arranged in this church.

07. St. Anthony’s Cathedral

St. Anthony’s Cathedral

Located in Kandy, St. Anthony’s Cathedral was built in 1877. It is one of the most sacred shrines for Catholics in Sri Lanka. Besides the local Catholics, tourists visiting Kandy come and appreciate the beauty of this wonderful church.

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08. Basilica of our lady of Lanka

Basilica of our lady of Lanka

Basilica of our lady of Lanka is a Roman catholic church that is situated in Tewatte. It is a popular place of pilgrimage for the Catholics of the Colombo Archdiocese. The church is home to the venerated statue of our lady of Lanka.

09. Wolvendaal Church

Wolvendaal ChurchWolvendaal church is one of the oldest Protestants still in use in the country. Situated in Pettah, near the Colombo, it comprises many amazing paintings, statues, and structures, making it one of the top churches in Sri Lanka.

10. St. Luke’s Church

St. Luke’s ChurchSt. Luke’s church plays a significant role in the history of the Church Missionary Society. It is situated in Borella, Colombo district. This church is a very attractive spot because it contains quite a few remarkable architectural designs.

11. St Anthony s Church Kochikade Colombo

If you are in Colombo, do not miss this church. This is one of the known and famous church in Sri Lanka located at Kochikade.

These churches display a rich variety of architectural forms and styles. So, when you visit Sri Lanka, you should consider beholding the beauty of these churches.



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