10 Famous Christian Churches in Sri Lanka- Don’t Miss the 5th One

St. Sebastian’s Church

Sri Lanka is a country known for endless number of beautiful and historic temples, churches and pagodas. If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, you should consider visiting some of the most famous Christian churches in Sri Lanka. The architectural beauty of Churches in Sri Lanka is the reason they are visited by tourist from around the world.

Here are 10 most famous Christian churches in Sri Lanka:

01. St. Sebastian’s Church

St. Sebastian’s Church

Located at Sea Street, Negombo, St. Sebastian’s church is one of the most beautiful churches in Sri Lanka. This Gothic church was designed by Fr.G. Gannon, keeping a resemblance with the Reims cathedral in France. Enquiring the St. Sebastian Church is one of the many activities one must not miss while visiting Negombo.

02. St. Mary’s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of the best churches in Sri Lanka

Located in Batticaloa, St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of the most eye-catching churches in Sri Lanka. It was built in 1808 by paschal Mudaliyar. If you visit Batticaloa, besides visiting this beautiful church, you also can do a lot of adventure activities in Batticaloa lagoon.

03. Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross church is situated on Small Mountain that directly faces the Kalu River lagoon. It is a popular venue for almost every catholic wedding in Kalutara area.

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04. St. Lucia’s Cathedral

St. Lucia’s Cathedral

Situated in Colombo, St. Lucia’s Cathedral has a very proud, rich history and architectural value. Established since 1760, this cathedral is the spiritual centre of the Colombo Roman Catholics. It is one of the most beautiful churches in Sri Lanka.

05. St. Mary’s Cathedral, Jaffna

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Jaffna

Located in Jaffna, St. Mary’s cathedral is one of the biggest and most spacious cathedrals in Sri Lanka. It can accommodate huge number of people at a time. Its architectural beauty is appreciated by almost every tourist visiting Jaffna.



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