7 Best Restaurants in Colombo that you can visit to enjoy the good food

  1. Seafood Cove

Seafood Cove

Seafood of Sri Lanka is known across the world for offering good taste and this is possible because they add amazing favours to the food. Seafood Cove is located on the beach front which makes it more welcoming and attractive. The opening hour of this restaurant is 10 AM to 6 PM and from 7 PM to 10.30 PM. Alcohol is also served in this restaurant.

Outdoor seating arrangements are also done and you can also enjoy amazing breakfast in this restaurant. Fish and Shellfish can be tailor made as per your needs by the well trained chefs.

Contact number of this restaurant is 011 27152217.


  1. You guys should really mention the location of these spots, atleast a google map location rather than only the contact numbers.

  2. Deekay, you could also hope they don’t give you food poisoning…not that I would expect it from these restaurants, but others I have been to in Colombo take a less than fresh approach to food preparation, and blame the customer if there is a problem.


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