7 Best Restaurants in Colombo that you can visit to enjoy the good food

Are you a timid eater? If yes, then Sri Lankan food is not for you. Food of Sri Lanka is filled with heavy flavours. Fiery curries, sour pickle, caramelized onion and many such things are served with pumping flavours.

Sri Lanka is the island which is definitely known for showcasing beautiful landscapes but apart from it, it is also known for serving delicious cuisine. If you are in Colombo, Sri Lanka then you can find range of fine dining options. In Colombo, you can also find the restaurants that can offer you with finger-licking food at budgeted rates. Colombo is the place in Sri Lanka that very well describes the food culture of the country.

Typical Sri Lankan meal is all about rice and curries. Protein filled curries are served here that may involve beef, goat, fish, pork etc. In this place you can also enjoy the taste of coconut roti, hot sauce, spiced chickpeas, etc.

Here are the 7 Best Restaurants in Colombo that you can visit to enjoy the good food:

  1. The Gallery Café

Best Restaurants in Colombo

The Gallery Café was opened in the year 1998. This restaurant serves Sri Lankan as well as Italian cuisine. Seafood and dessert served here are known for offering amazing flavours. The opening hours of this restaurant is from 10 AM to 12 Midnight. It offers romantic atmosphere and outdoor seating is also available for the customers.

The Gallery Café is mainly known for offering best ambiance and amazing dessert menu. Satisfy your sweet tooth here! Live entertainment section is also available for the guests along with full bar facility. Wi-Fi is also available for the visitors.

Here you can also try cocktails, lemon grass and ginger chicken, prawn curry, black pork curry etc.

Contact number of this restaurant is 011 2582162.

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  1. You guys should really mention the location of these spots, atleast a google map location rather than only the contact numbers.

  2. Deekay, you could also hope they don’t give you food poisoning…not that I would expect it from these restaurants, but others I have been to in Colombo take a less than fresh approach to food preparation, and blame the customer if there is a problem.


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