10 Best Places for Backpacking And Hiking in Sri Lanka

9) Dambana Veddha Village

Dambana Veddha village is a remote jungle village in the Badulla district. Visitors are interested in hiking to this place because they can get the opportunity to meet and talk with the local people who are known as Veddha, and learn about their traditions.

10) Anuradhapura


Anuradhapura is a major city in Sri Lanka. a UNESCO world heritage site, It is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka and a popular place to see many ruins of Sri Lankan civilization. Hiking in Anuradhapura is the best way to see its remarkable ruins and amazing landscapes. Thus, it is one of the best places for backpacking and hiking in Sri lanka.

If you are an avid adventurer and looking to get best out of your Sri Lanka trip, you should consider hiking and backpacking in as many of above mentioned hiking trails as possible.

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