5 Places for Turtle Watching in Sri Lanka, See, Touch and Take Snaps with Turtles

Turtle watching is a fun and unique activity you can do while visiting Sri Lanka. There are several suitable places available in Sri Lanka for turtle watching. It mainly depends on the season you visit these places. People have mixed feelings and comments about turtle watching in Sri Lanka, but commonly all are good and wonderful.

Here are the Places for Turtle Watching in Sri Lanka

1) Rekawa Sri Lanka

The first place you can visit for turtle watching. They have dedicated ‘turtle watch’ project and experiment center. It is 220km far from Airport and can take around 6 hours to reach the place. Visit during the good season only.

Turtle Watching in Sri Lanka

2) Hikkaduwa

The famous beach for surfing and diving is suitable for turtle watching too. Hikkaduwa beach is listed as one of the best destination to visit in Sri Lanka. Usually you can watch turtles from offshore when it (she) comes to lay eggs.
SL hikkaduwa


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