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Mulkirigala Rock Monastery
Hambantota in Sri Lanka attracts visitors mainly because of the golden beaches and blue seas. There are also some great archaeological sites which you can visit while being in Hambantota. You can say this place is the secret hot destination in Sri Lanka. Check out Hambantota City Guide below. This place is the home of brass workers.  Brass here is...
Badulla is situated in the lower central hills of Sri Lanka. It is popular and the oldest town of Sri Lanka. Do you know that Badulla is an agricultural district? Yes, it is and majorly tea, paddy and vegetables are cultivated in this district. Climate and geographical characteristics divide this district into upper and lower region. Upper region is...
In the western province of Sri Lanka, Kalutara is the 3rd largest city. Gone are the days, when this place was considered to be the important spice trading centre. It is moreover, beautiful scenic city. The Kalutara is located 40km away from Colombo and you can reach this place via train or bus. The river Kalu Ganga flows gently through...
railway track Colombo to Badulla is one of the most beautiful railway tracks in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan railway tracks allow you to travel across major cities and experience authentic Sri Lankan culture, enjoy amazing views with ample time to soak up the atmosphere. Train journey on these railway tracks is one of the best ways to explore the natural beauties of this island country in the Indian Ocean. Following are 4 of the most...
Know about the Galle fort
Galle is the perfect city with the mixture of history, culture and fun activities. If you haven’t been to this city, then definitely your next visit should be to the Galle. History of this colonial town is quite interesting. During the day time you can have great fun in Galle but this city has also lot to offer during...
Sri Lanka is a fascinating island country in the Indian Ocean with spectacular beaches, rich wildlife, a remarkable history and endless opportunities for adventures. Its flavorful food, famous tea, fun trains, oodles of elephants, welcoming people, timeless ruins, rolling surf, and cheap prices make it a great travel destination that it is today. If you are planning to explore...
Beruwala is situated in the South Western coastal belt of Sri Lanka. The town is a popular tourism attraction, especially famous among the foreign tourists. Therefore, there are many big hotels, spa and other tourists based business. If you can go there, you will get many opportunities and experiences by watching and doing many activities. Find out more exciting places in...
Anuradhapura is said to be one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka. It is mainly known for preserving ancient Sri Lankan civilization. In South Asia region, this city offers some evocative sights. It offers rich collection of architectural wonders. Visiting this city can allow you to view some great temple, ancient pools, brick towers etc. The popularity of...
Ampara is the town located towards Eastern coast of Sri Lanka and is famous among the nature lovers. Arugam Bay has made this town as the home of best surfing spot in the world. In this destination, you can witness some of the great international surfing competitions. Interesting fact about Amapara! Gone are the days when Amapara was the place that...
Are you a timid eater? If yes, then Sri Lankan food is not for you. Food of Sri Lanka is filled with heavy flavours. Fiery curries, sour pickle, caramelized onion and many such things are served with pumping flavours. Sri Lanka is the island which is definitely known for showcasing beautiful landscapes but apart from it, it is also known...


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