10 Amazing Places for Camping and Nightlife in Sri Lanka – How Many of You Visited?

9. Minneriya Safari Camp – Minneriya National Park minneria camping

The Srilankan Expedition SAFARI CAMP in Minneriya is situated at the border of the park, with a wonderful forest boundary atmosphere, which ensures you’re right in the heart of nature. As well you can many camping activities in here.

10. Vaddha Village.

This village famous for camping. A campsite located next to the ‘Delikadeliwewa’ tank in very close proximity to the DAMBANA village itself. Forget any ideas about cramped tents and sitting on the ground for mealtimes – this is camping in style. Vadda the indigenous people are always helpful for campers. As well as you can study with vadda how ancient people lived.

These 10 places for camping and nightlife in Sri Lanka will meet your trip requirements and make it more memorable.