10 Amazing Places for Camping and Nightlife in Sri Lanka – How Many of You Visited?

7. Sigiriya – Luxury Camp

Camping and Nightlife in Sri LankaLocated next to the Thalakotewewa reservoir, which has fabulous views of the SIGIRIYA Rock itself, our Srilankan Expedition ‘Heritage Site’ Camp provides a unique base from which to explore the Rock itself and the surrounding area. It consists of seven unspoiled acres of wilderness that is home to elephants, butterfly birds and more.

8. Sorabora Lake Camp Site

camping 4
This camp site is in the east near the city of Mahiyangana. This place can be done canoe camping. Canoe camping is doubled canoe gets tight with a platform. On the platform, mount the camp tent and sleep when floating. Camping bonfire, barbeque, eye opener on request and mat singing party, early morning get up for sunrise for bird watching.